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Here it is… TRMNL 002 by Samu.l - Many of you will recognise the lead track “Skyline” as 'THE' TRMNL anthem. Both this track and "Ricfab" have been taken from Samu.l’s LIVE set at one of our parties years ago, carefully tweaked and perfected with every play.In true crew fashion the EP is served up with 2 stellar remixes from Seb Zito and Herck - Seb Zito takes the track deep into late night territory while Herck serves up his trademark sound across an 8 minute paragon.


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001 - East End Dubs

Purple Vinyl & Cover

Lead track ‘What’s Going On’ is already making waves as a peak time selection. The relentless groove stirs energy and early hype across dance floors. ’Talk to Becky’ takes another tight-stepped bass line - this time on a deeper quest. Spacey pads sweep around skippy percussion & characteristic dub sampling. Rounding things out is the darker cut “Do it R!ght’ - Play this one late and loud - A driving groove with emerging synth stabs to keep the pressure building.

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