The Martinez Brothers Part IV

October 12, 2021
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An unbreakable bond and an energy that’s unrivalled when The Martinez Brothers step inside the booth.

It’s safe to say that part IV of hopefully many more instalments of the Bronx born duo joining us was one for the history books. Their signature, high-octane, hypnotic beats took the atmosphere to a different level, as their presence had the crowd fully fixated from the first track to the last.

The Martinez Brothers
Photography by Daisy Denham

All eyes are now firmly on the remaining two TRMNL’s of 2021, with the main orchestrator behind the legendary FUSE brand Enzo Siragusa joining us next Saturday for what will no doubt prove to be a masterclass for his all-night-long special.

November 6th will witness the last dance of the year, with Parisian playmakers Dyed Soundorom & Traumer making their TRMNL debuts, as well as minimal specialist Michael James + trusted residents.

martinez brothers
Photography by Daisy Denham