Archie Hamilton launches Frequency at TRMNL

April 11, 2022
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Esteemed producer & DJ Archie Hamilton is held in high regard by his music community peers as one of the best in the business, and has established a loyal army of followers along the way.

The Moscow/Moss-co label head has built an impressive catalogue consisting of releases from Chris Stussy to Jaden Thompson and Guti, and has also been hand-picked to play for globally recognised brands Circoloco & Music On. We sat down with Archie as he enters the next chapter of his career with his exciting new 'Frequency' concept, which will be launching at TRMNL this upcoming Easter Bank Holiday...

Tell us about the Frequency concept and what inspired the project?

I’ve been planning a party since 2020, and everything that happened in the last two years has shown why the concept is even more apt. We’re all subjected to a constant flow of noise and information on a daily basis, through the TV, our phones and computers and it’s taken its toll on us all.

Frequency looks to create a space for people to escape this by focusing on immersive visual production, incredible sound and it also gives me the opportunity to showcase my favourite artists.

We’re buzzing to be working with you on the Birmingham edition at our home LAB11… What made this one of the selected spots for the launch?

Every time I play at LAB11 I always come away with a huge smile on my face. The attention to detail in the venue with sound and visual is exactly the level we’re striving for and the crowd is always wicked.

I’ve got a real affinity with the city too; it was one of the first places outside of London that I started to play regularly and I have tons of great memories.

Archie Hamilton at TRMNL
Photography by Daisy Denham

Talk to us about Reiss & Fleur Shore, what made them ideal bookings for the lineup?

Reiss has been one of my favourite DJs for years. I first saw him at Bret back in 2017 and he absolutely rocked it. He’s got a great knack of playing very underground but also really bringing the party. I’m excited to see what he delivers at LAB11!

Fleur is so talented and I’ve had my eye on her for some time. Last time we played together was at LAB11 and she warmed the room up absolutely perfectly. She’s just delivered a wicked EP on my label and I’m really happy to have her on board.

What can we expect from you and the team on the night… Raving or behaving? ;)

I don’t think I have ever once behaved in Birmingham. Is that actually a thing?