Nicolau (Real Gang)

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Nicolau is an exceptional underground artist, having spent the majority of his adult life on the island of Ibiza, he followed his calling and has developed into a unique talent. Starting his adventure with an open mind allowed him to take on a number of influences early on, including and perhaps most notably meeting Miller (Miffy & Miller). The pair immediately clicked and soon after came the creation of Real Gang, a direct result and representation of the pairs love and dedication to music. In a world full of superstar headliners, Nicolau takes things back to basics with his uncanny ability of perfecting the art of the warm up DJ. Providing dance floors of Ibiza and the Uk with stripped back low swung grooves with a deep dubby core, taking residence at Ibiza Underground and The Zoo Project where Real Gang spent the bulk of their time during 2017. His identity is firmly centred on bringing the vibe to the party, whether that be at the show or at the afters……a true dj's,DJ.